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Panjika (Events calendar)

Mon Jan 21 @12:00AM
Paush Purnima
Thu Jan 31 @12:00AM
Ekadashi vrata
Mon Feb 04 @12:00AM
Mauni amavasya
Sun Feb 10 @12:00AM
Vasant panchami

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come serve

Are you an enthusiast who wishes to participate in the ashram activities, but cannot live in the ashram permanently? Here is an opportunity for you! We have a short-term-seva programme wherein you are welcome to stay in the ashram for short periods of time and serve.

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Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu taught to mankind the intricacies of the supreme form of devotion, called Uttama-bhakti or Vraja-bhav. One with Vraja-bhav in his heart loves Sri Krishna and everything that relates to Him. Aptly located in Vrindavan, the land of Sri Krishna, is Sri Haridas Niwas where Uttama Bhakti is learnt and practised in its pristine form.


Sri Haridas Niwas! The name sums it up. It literally means, “Abode of the servants of Sri Hari”. The Supreme Lord, Sri Hari, being pleased with His servants, personally resides where His servants reside. Wherever Sri Hari resides, we see two activities greatly flourishing – service to shastras (the revealed scriptures) and service to Go (the species of cows, bulls and calves that are native to India). Shastras and Go are very dear to the Supreme Lord Sri Hari. Thus, in Sri Haridas Niwas we find three kinds of seva:

  • Sri vigraha-seva (service to the deities in the temple)
  • Shastra-seva (service to the knowledge of the revealed scriptures through study, teaching, preservation and publication of scriptural texts)
  • Go-seva (service to the holy creature, “Go”)