|| Sri Sri Gaura-Gadadharau Vijayetam ||




Are you an enthusiast who wishes to participate in the ashram activities, but are not in a position to live in the ashram permanently? Here is an opportunity for you! We have a short-term-seva programme wherein you are welcome to stay in the ashram for short periods of time and serve. This is a unique chance of living in the company of holy people in the holy land of Vrindavan.

a) Nature of work:

1) Go-seva : This is a unique opportunity for serving Go, the creature that God loves most. Get involved in Go-seva. Supervise and co-ordinate the activities in the Go-shala of the ashram.

2) Publications: Work with the publications department. The work involves transcribing, editing, proofreading, preparing layouts, etc. One needs to be good at publications software or good in the languages of either Sanskrit or Hindi or English.

3) Library: Contribute to the ongoing efforts towards cataloguing the library books.

4) Gardening/Farming: If you love being with nature and greenery, the garden and farmland of the ashram will beckon you. You may work for their general upkeep and improvements.

5) General seva: Use your administrative skills in the seva of the Lord. Serve by contributing to the day-to-day activities of the temple, ashram and go-shala.

b) Period of work:
We have three types of short-term seva opportunities spanning 1month, 2 months & 3 months respectively. A fresh term begins on the 1st and 15th of every month.

c) How to apply:
Interested individuals may write to us mentioning their personal details, contact details, a brief write-up on their background and how they wish to contribute to the activities in the ashram. The applications are to be mailed to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

d) Selection process:
Selection will be done by the officials of Sri Haridas Shastri Go Seva Sansthan. Selection will be based on the merit of the applicant as judged by the officials. Based on the application received over e-mail, suitable candidates will be interviewed over phone. Those short-listed will need to come to the ashram at Vrindavan for final interview at their own expense. No travelling allowance or any other kind of allowance will be paid by the ashram to candidates visiting Vrindavan for this purpose. The selection of the candidates will be at the discretion of the authorities in the ashram. The selected candidates will need to travel to Vrindavan at their own expense for joining.