|| Sri Sri Gaura-Gadadharau Vijayetam ||


Goseva Sansthan

♦  Sri Haridas Shastri Goseva Sansthan  ♦


Matarah sarvabhutanam gavah sarva-sukha-prada
“Go” is the mother of all and is the giver of all kinds of happiness.

Go is the embodiment of all devis and devatas.
Therefore, those who serve the Go serve all the
divine beings. Pleased with them, the divine
beings bestow all kinds of prosperity on those
who serve the Go.


All Devis, Devatas, all pilgrimages and Lord Sri Hari Himself reside in the body of Go. Hence one can achieve anything by pleasing them through Goseva. It is said,

goshu bhaktascha labhate yat-yadicchati manavah |
striyo’pi bhakta ya goshu ta ca kamamavapnuyuh ||
putrarthi labhate putram kanyarthi tamavapnuyat |
dhanarthi labhate vittam dharmarthi dharmamavapnuyat ||
vidyarthi capnuyat vidyam sukharthi prapnuyat sukham|
na kinchit durlabham chaiva gavam bhaktasya bharata ||

-Mahabharat; Anushasan 83:50-52

“Those men who are devoted to Go achieve whatever they desire. The women who are devoted to Go also have all their desires fulfilled. Those who desire to have a son get a son. Those who desire to have a daughter get a daughter. Those who desire to have wealth get wealth. Those who desire to perform Dharma get to perform Dharma. Those who desire to have knowledge, get knowledge. Those who desire to have happiness get happiness. O Bharata! Nothing is unachievable for one who is devoted to Go.”

Those who perform or support Goseva achieve whatever they desire.

The founder of Sri Haridas Niwas ashram and Go-
shala, nitya-lila-pravishta Sri Sri Haridas Shastri Maharaj ji.
A scriptural expert, a knower of the absolute Truth,
He was the embodiment of pure Go-seva.



In today’s society, people are generally not in a position to perform Goseva directly, even if they desire to. Such persons can support the efforts being made at “Sri Haridas Niwas” ashram towards pure seva of Go. In this manner they can get an opportunity to get connected to this incomparable form of Goseva. For managing the activities of Goseva in the ashram, Sri Haridas Shastri Maharaj ji has founded a body called “ Sri Haridas Shastri Goseva Sansthan”. You can associate with the Sansthan and participate in pure Goseva in the following ways:


1) Understand the significance of Go-seva:

Understand and realise the significance of the statement of Sri Haridas Shastri Maharaj ji, “Go Bhagavan ke bhi Bhagavan hain” (“Go is God of even God Himself”). Even if one is not able to participate directly in Goseva, it is important to develop the right understanding about the true nature of this creature, Go and the significance of Goseva. Developing the right attitude towards Go itself will give benefits to individuals. You are welcome to visit Sri Haridas Niwas to witness Goseva in the true sense and get scriptural understanding.


2) Help us spread the message:

Help us spread the message regarding the significance of protecting and serving the Go. This is also an important form of Goseva and it has the capacity of surcharging the human society with ideals of Dharma, which will make mankind materially progressive and spiritually elevated. If you feel that this is your area of interest, please contact us here and we can take this programme forward together.


3) Provide financial support:

Providing financial support for Goseva is as much an act of peity as direct performance of Goseva is. Your financial support will help us serve the Go in various ways like procuring food for the Go, making arrangements for their medical care and constructing new facilities for their increasing numbers. If you sponsor their fodder and upkeep, you directly please all devis and devatas. You also get the benefits of visiting all places of pilgrimage.

If you wish to provide financial support, you may send a Bank Draft in favour of SHRI HARI DAS SHASTRI GO SEVA SANSTHAN, payable at Vrindavan or Mathura. You may also deposit your contributions to account no. 101701000079 (in the name of SHRI HARI DAS SHASTRI GO SEVA SANSTHAN) of ICICI Bank, Vrindavan. Please note that your donations will be exempt under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961. After depositing your donations, please contact us here and give your details. We will send you a receipt.

A monthly expense of about Rs. 2000/- is incurred on every Go for its upkeep. Thus we incur a large expense for serving all the 250 creatures in the Go-shala. Any support in this endeavour will certainly help you reap the benefits of Goseva.


Our Overseas Donors

Donations made to the Sansthan are eligible for income tax exemption in India under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

gavo vishvasya matarah                                                                                                       sarvadevamayo gavah
(Go is the mother of the universe)                                                       (Go is the embodiment of all divine beings)